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Driving growth and outstanding results

At our school, we offer a wide variety of educational opportunities in the field of dance. In addition to our academic line, we are proud to present our choreographic training line, designed specifically for competitions, contests and other performances. Through this specialized approach, we seek to motivate our students to achieve a higher level of excellence and obtain outstanding results in their learning process.

Self-improvement through artistic challenges

Our main goal is to provide our students with the motivation and inspiration they need to constantly improve themselves. Participation in competitions and contests allows them to face more demanding artistic challenges, explore new forms of expression and perfect their choreographic skills. This enriching experience not only boosts their growth as dancers, but also gives them greater confidence in their ability to face new challenges in their careers.

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Enhancing professional performance and performance development

Choreographic training for competitions and shows not only has an impact on the personal growth of our students, but also improves their professional performance. By having the opportunity to perform on competitive stages, our students become familiar with the stage environment, learn to deal with pressure and hone their ability to connect with the audience. These performing skills are invaluable in their development as artists and give them a significant advantage in their future dance career.

Outstanding scholarship and award opportunities

An exciting aspect of our line of choreographic training is the possibility of obtaining outstanding scholarships and awards. By participating in contests and competitions, our students have the opportunity to be recognized for their talent and dedication. These recognitions can open doors to educational and professional opportunities, such as scholarships for advanced training programs or even the possibility of performing in renowned institutions and companies. These opportunities not only reinforce their artistic development, but also offer them an invaluable boost in their professional careers.

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