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Progressing Ballet Technique in Valencia

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What is PBT?

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) is an innovative methodology that has become increasingly popular in the dance world. Developed by Marie Walton-Mahon, PBT is a system of exercises designed to improve technique and strengthen the specific muscles used in classical ballet. At La Duncaniana, our dance school in Valencia, we offer PBT classes to provide our students with a solid foundation in ballet technique and improve their overall performance.

What you will learn in our dance school

In our dance school La Duncaniana, we focus on providing our students with a comprehensive and quality education. Our main focus is the development of technique, musicality and artistic expression. By joining the PBT, our students will benefit from a number of key learnings:

Improvement of ballet technique:

PBT focuses on strengthening muscles and correcting body alignment, leading to significant improvement in ballet technique. Our students will learn to perform the movements with greater precision, grace and control.

Muscle strength and stability:

Specific PBT exercises help strengthen the muscles used in classical ballet, including the core, leg and arm muscles. This not only improves technical performance, but also helps prevent injuries and promotes healthy posture.

Body awareness and alignment:

Through PBT, our students will develop a greater body awareness and understanding of correct alignment. This will allow them to maintain a graceful posture and proper alignment during their movements, which in turn improves the overall appearance and quality of their dancing.

Benefits of PBT

PBT offers a number of significant benefits for dancers of all ages and experience levels. Some of the key benefits include:

Improved strength and endurance:

PBT exercises focus on strengthening the muscles used in classical ballet, resulting in an increased level of strength and endurance. This allows dancers to perform more demanding movements with greater ease and grace.

Development of a solid technique:

PBT focuses on correcting alignment and improving ballet technique. This helps dancers develop a solid and precise foundation in their movements, which in turn translates into more elegant and refined dancing.

Injury prevention:

By strengthening muscles and correcting alignment, PBT helps prevent common dance injuries. Dancers who regularly practice PBT are less likely to suffer injuries and can enjoy a longer and healthier dance career.

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