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Intensive summer course in Valencia

La Duncaniana Dance School

Expanding dance training

Our Summer Intensive program is designed for those students who wish to take advantage of the summer months to perfect their dance technique and broaden their training. Aimed at students who have passed Grade 2 or third year of elementary school (ages 9 and up), this intensive program offers an enriching experience that combines various dance disciplines.

Intensive 2-week multidisciplinary workshop

As part of the Summer Intensive, we offer a 2-week multidisciplinary Intensive Course. During this period, students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in different areas of dance, covering both physical preparation and artistic development. Through a combination of theory and practical classes, our students will be able to explore and perfect various dance techniques and styles.

Maintaining physical fitness and preparing for the next school year

We also offer classes during the month of July, designed to maintain physical fitness and begin preparation for the difficulties that will be addressed during the next course. These classes are an excellent opportunity for students to continue practicing and strengthening their technique, while preparing for the challenges that lie ahead in their dance careers.

Broad spectrum of dance disciplines

In the multidisciplinary summer dance course, our students will have the opportunity to explore various dance disciplines and styles. Some of the areas to be worked on include:

  • EARB and PBT for physical preparation.
  • Classical dance and repertoire.
  • Contemporary dance.
  • Modern dance/jazz.
  • Urban dance.
  • Improvisation and choreographic composition workshop.
  • Classes to prepare for the competitive season, with personalized training.
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