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What is neoclassical dance?

Neoclassical dance is a style of dance that emerged as an evolution of classical ballet in the 20th century. It combines traditional ballet elements with more modern movements and contemporary techniques. Unlike classical ballet, neoclassical dance is characterized by its focus on stylized simplicity, precise musicality and the exploration of new forms of movement. At La Duncaniana, our neoclassical dance academy in Valencia, we celebrate the elegance and refined aesthetics of this style, providing our students with an enriching and challenging education.

Neoclassical Dance Academy at La Duncaniana

At La Duncaniana, we are proud to offer a neoclassical dance academy in Valencia that stands out for its artistic excellence and its commitment to the growth of each student. Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals is dedicated to providing a rigorous and quality education in neoclassical dance. We have state-of-the-art facilities and spacious studios designed specifically for training in this style. At our academy, we foster an environment of mutual support and respect, where students can explore their artistic potential and develop their passion for dance.


What you will learn in our neoclassical dance school

At our neoclassical dance school at La Duncaniana, we offer our students the opportunity to learn and master a wide variety of key techniques and concepts of this unique style. Some of the highlights include:

Classical ballet techniques with a contemporary twist

Our students will develop and perfect the fundamental techniques of classical ballet, such as posture, balance, strength and flexibility. However, they will also explore more modern and stylized movements that are characteristic of neoclassical dance.

Precision and musicality

Neoclassical dance is distinguished by its focus on precision and musicality. Students will learn to execute movements with impeccable technique, synchronizing them with the music in a precise and expressive way.

Exploration of new forms of movement

At our school, we encourage our students to experiment and explore new forms of movement within the context of neoclassical dance. We encourage them to develop their own style and express themselves through unique and personal movements.

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