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Private dance classes in Valencia

La Duncaniana Dance School

Empowering individualized advancement

At our school, we are proud to offer the service of Private Lessons, known as “Prieba television”. This service is aimed at those students who wish to receive a more individualized approach to their training.

High potential for customized advancement

Private lessons provide students with the opportunity to experience accelerated progress in their artistic development. By receiving more personalized attention from our highly qualified instructors, students can focus on specific areas they wish to improve and overcome their technical limitations.

Increased technical level and refinement of details

During private lessons, we work on increasing the technical level of each student and perfecting the finer details of their performance. Through an intensive and dedicated approach, our instructors work closely with students, helping them master advanced techniques and correcting any aspects that need to be polished.

Acceleration of progress in routine classes

One of the significant advantages of private tutoring is that it allows students to progress more quickly in their regular routine classes. By spending extra time intensively practicing new technical elements and working on additional choreographic material, students can acquire and master new skills more efficiently. This provides them with a solid foundation to continue progressing and reach their artistic goals more quickly.

Customized choreographies for the competitive season

During private lessons, we also focus on the creation of personalized choreographies that students will perform during the competitive season. These choreographies are specifically tailored to each student’s skills and strengths, giving them the opportunity to excel and achieve excellent results in competitions and performances.

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