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What is the Royal Academy of Dance?

The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is a prestigious international institution dedicated to the teaching and promotion of ballet. At La Duncaniana Dance School in Valencia, we are proud to be an accredited center of the RAD, which means that our students have the opportunity to participate in the examinations of this recognized institution.

The RAD is distinguished by its focus on ballet technique, artistry and expression. It provides a solid educational framework that guarantees a progressive and structured development of students, allowing them to reach their full potential in the world of dance.

Qualification Royal Academy of Dance in Valencia

At La Duncaniana School of Dance, we value the importance of offering our students the opportunity to obtain a recognized qualification in ballet. Through our affiliation with the Royal Academy of Dance, our students have the opportunity to sit for RAD exams and obtain official certificates and diplomas to support their level of skill and knowledge in ballet.

The RAD exams cover different levels, from beginners to more advanced levels, providing students with clear goals and an objective assessment system. Our highly trained and experienced teachers guide students in their preparation for the exams, ensuring that they acquire the technical and artistic skills necessary to succeed.

Royal Academy of Dance levels in Valencia

The Royal Academy of Dance offers a tiered structure that allows students to progress gradually in their ballet training. At La Duncaniana Dance School, we offer classes and preparation for RAD exams at different levels, from the most basic to the most advanced.

Each level builds on the knowledge acquired in the previous level, allowing students to develop a solid foundation of technique, musicality and artistic expression. Our teachers adapt classes to meet the needs and abilities of each student, providing an individualized and quality education.

At La Duncaniana Dance School in Valencia, we are proud to offer our students the opportunity to participate in the Royal Academy of Dance examinations. These exams not only provide a recognized qualification, but also help students grow and improve as dancers, providing an objective assessment and encouragement to reach new challenges in ballet.

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